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O Retorno do Planeta X - 41

Neste mês de março de 2011, um fotógrafo profissional da Nova Zelândia tirou umas fotos do Sol, onde aparece o Planeta X (Nibiru, Nemesis, Hercólubus, etc) bem próximo desse astro. Abaixo vai uma colagem do site desse fotógrafo. Conforme já havia comentado no passado, parece que o Planeta X atualmente sempre aparece junto do Sol...como ninguém costuma olhar diretamente para o Sol, nunca constatamos a presença de Nibiru bem próximo dele... se você tirar fotos do Sol com os cuidados necessários, provavelmente você também irá conseguir fotografar o Planeta X hoje...

Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

Information and discussion about the Earth Changes and the pending Pole Shift.

I have spent the last 4 hours photographing the sun. At first I had the camera on auto and was not looking into the lens, as the sun here in New Zealand is intensely bright. I grabbed my sunglasses and had a look through my canon digital SLR camera, and well I couldn’t believe it! I could see a perfectly circular object, slightly red in colour compared to the sun. I couldn’t fully believe what I was seeing so called my partner to confirm what I was seeing. He too saw it.

So I got out my other camera all digital SLR’s and began flicking off photos trying to find the right shutter speed and aperture that would capture it.

Please note that I am a professional photographer and processed these photos to check the object was not a sun spot or sun glare. Plus the fact that I could see it, not with a naked eye but through the lens, I really can’t believe I have seen it for myself!


Location: Christchurch New Zealand

Time & Date: 06.03.2011, between 5:30-6:45pm

Shutter speed: 1/1000

Aperture: f12 – f36

[Added later]

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Chris Miller Comment by Chris Miller 2 hours ago
sandi, when you watch a plane pass overhead the white trail behind it is exposed to just be the exhaust from the plane. It will go away after the plane has gone on for say a 1/4 mile as the exhaust has reached the ambient temperature of the air around it. A chem trail will go from horizon to horizon and actually linger until it has formed a cloud of it's own. I don't know what has been written or what the Zeta have said, but I know if you Google, chemtrail, you finds out way more then you wanted to know.

sandi nicole Comment by sandi nicole 4 hours ago

What exactly is a chem trail? What’s in it? Is it dangerous to people?

I can’t imagine its all natural. If the New Zealand environmentalist new about this they would have an up roar! And like I said is that really important, when Christchurch city is in a state of emergency. It has been 12-14 days with no water, or no toilets.

Michael Jaco Comment by Michael Jaco 6 hours ago
Here she comes! This is going to be the roller coaster ride of your life.
Chris Miller Comment by Chris Miller 9 hours ago
Interesting you should mention a pin hole camera, I recall the first eclipse that I viewed was through a 12 x 12 cardboard box, with a pin hole in one side and the image was cast on the other, I don't know why it wouldn't work for this and it would end the flare question. I think it's the reflection of the sun off of the dust could from PX, as stated earlier, if it was PX it would be dark on this side and it's to big.
I also find it hard to believe that your just now experiencing your first chem trails. Here in Oregon, (Portland), we rarely go a clear day with out the sky being painted. WE did have a clear day last week and there wasn't one, which was weird, and to me it proves that it's a deliberate act.

Klaus Comment by Klaus 16 hours ago

pinhole camera mk2.

Just used a long cardboard tube as a pinhole camera, bigger image, but I just see a round sun here in Europe.


sandi nicole Comment by sandi nicole 16 hours ago

Marion Comment by Marion 16 hours ago
Sandi, thank you soooo much for the photos. You said you posted a video. Where can we see it please?
sandi nicole Comment by sandi nicole 16 hours ago

I don't think a pin hole camera would work because you can't change the aperture, I think a pin hole camera has a aperture of f1.7 I used a aperture of f10 to f18.

Klaus Comment by Klaus 16 hours ago

Question for all you professional photographers:-

What about using a simple pinhole camera? - no lense flare / reflection / etc...

I just tried it here in Europe. I got a very small picture of the sun, I need to get a bigger box or make a smaller very round hole.


sandi nicole Comment by sandi nicole 18 hours ago

Photo from today 7/3/2011, taken same time as video that I have just posted. Seconds after posting a plane flies past, leaving a large chem trail, right over my view of the sun. Now this upsets me, surly they have better things to do, while we are in a state of emergency due to large earthquakes!!! I guess not, hiding planet x is more important than getting my communities water back on!

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